"Fire On" EP is out

Meresha sparks a Fire with "Fire On" 

Ever want to spark a fire? Not literally, but to light a passion? 

“Fire On” leads Meresha's biggest album in years and is bound to light up many a party. 

The song takes a journey as two find themselves at a party among palm trees. 

They dance under the stars on the beach. 

Everyone at the party is having fun and grooving to the body-moving music. 

It makes you want to throw your hands up until they are full of stars. 

There's no space for conflict in Meresha's fun zone. It's time to get your "Fire On". 


"Fire On" Album / EP is on Grammy long list 

On the Grammy FYC long list, Meresha will be performing "Fire On" at the major international music festival & conference MONDO. 

Other songs on the EP includes "Trouble", "Ask Me", "Memory" and "Greatest Time". They have been played 1.5 million times so far.

"Memory" is out now

What's your favorite "Memory"?

Have a listen to "Memory" and join me in one of my favorite ones.

"Memory" is the 4th new song I have put out recently. Others are "Trouble", "Ask Me" and "Greatest Time".  "Fire On" is the fifth.

"Greatest Time" is the other side of Memory

"Greatest Time" is a close relative of "Memory" and was inspired by events in the same time in my life.  Add it to your playlists in your favorite music service using the links below. The extended single includes "Trouble" and "Ask Me". Which one is your favorite?

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